How can we install the hurricane clips such that it can prevent the roof from blowing off?

Hurricane straps are trending these days as it can provide extra security to the roof of your property. Also, they can withstand the wind of more than 100 miles per hour. The easiest way through which you can install the hurricane clips is by installing it when the construction of your property takes place. So, here are the steps involved in the installation of the hurricane strips.

Step 1 :- You would need to install the hurricane clips on the new construction of your property. The clips are usually attached once the property is framed entirely. Access to the roof system as well as roof trusses becomes quite easy at this particular point. Hurricane clips are made using galvanized steel. They get attached to the wall plates and trusses. It is quite evident that you put up a hurricane strap on each rafter of your home.

Step 2 :- Nail each of the hurricane clip to the rafter using a 16-penny framing nail when you install the hurricane straps to the roof of your property. One thing that you should be sure that your rafter should be nailed as well before the installation process begins. This would potentially assure that the beams don’t move during the process of installation. Each rafter would require two hurricane clips: One each for back and front.

Step 3 :- This is another method to install hurricane clips to a roof for an older property. This method might be a bit costly as well as time-consuming. This can be quite essential if you are willing to sell the property. You would need to cut back the roof such that the framed walls are exposed which would be able to showcase the trusses or rafters that might be set. Also, you would have to cut out the interior walls as well. Then, you would have to move back the insulation such that rafters and walls are being exposed. After this, you would be able to install the hurricane straps.

Step 4 :- You would need to secure the clips in a correct way when the installation of the hurricane clips takes place. When the 16-penny nails go through the rafters, then the nail can protrude on a different side as well. Further, you would need to bend the nails using a hammer. This is essential because it can help to secure the nails such that it doesn’t get loose during high winds.

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