What Are The Things To Be Considered While Installing A Wooden Fence?

Fences play a crucial role in safeguarding your house against strangers and wild animals. These are an essential element for the families living near forests or at the places where stray animals roam about. The boundary created by a fence is not just for the trespassers but also protects small kids and pet animals. Though there are numerous materials which can be used for installation of a fence, a wooden fence is light, cost effective and environment friendly. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you are installing a wooden fence:

1. Use durable quality of wood – The type of wood you use for fences depends on the area it is being used for and climate around your house. It is best to use durable lumber with an exception of desert residents. The lumber comes on two varieties:

  • First is the pressure treated wood such as Aspen, ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, and Douglas fir.
  • Second is the durable heartwood. Some varieties of durable heart wood are western juniper, black locust, and osage-orange, redwood, cedar and white oak.

It is best to purchase wood from reliable sources who ensure quality and durability.

2. Protection against moisture- Protecting the wooden post against moisture is essential to elongate its lifespan. You need to use wooden preservatives for the same. There are excellent fence companies in flower mound who can guide you. For this, you need to apply multiple coats of the copper naphthenate. Before applying another coat, make sure that the previous coat gets at least 24 hours of drying time.

3. Length of holes dug- While installing a wooden fence, the length of the hole dug needs to be appropriate. If it is of appropriate depth, it will provide stability. The length of the hole dug should be around 1/3rd the size of the post and the width of the hole should be around 8 inches.

4. Gravel for fixing- Putting the gravell at the bottom of the hole dug will provide a firm base for the pole and make it stiff. It also improves the soil drainage. You should put in a few inches of gravel at the bottom and compress it. After placing the wooden post, you should fill the entire hole with gravel and again compress it down.

However, it is always advisable to get help of professionals for assistance and to buy the material you use alike Flower Mound Roofing Pro. It is better to take advice from companies for fence repair and installation as they have years of expertise in the given field.

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