Inspecting Your Fence for Damage Caused by High Winds

Storms and high speed winds can inflict immeasurable damage on your estate. But the most affected of the installations on your property is the fence. Based on the type and material of the fence, the damage caused by thunderstorms can vary. But in any case, you should check your fence regularly to avoid consequences. Therefore, here’s a 4-point guide to help you carry out an inspection the right way.

  • Inspect along the boundary

Once the thunderstorm and high speed winds have gone by, start checking along the boundary of your fence to look for structural damage. Have panels gotten uprooted or do they need a quick fix? You can only be sure that no damage has occurred once you have traversed the entire boundary.

  • Look for damaged posts and shafts 

Look for any damaged posts or shafts which can lead to bigger damage if the storm hits again. If you spot any, call upon Fence Repair FLower Mound TX, for a quick fix. Professional inspection can help avoid harmful injuries and maintenance effort later. Make sure you keep away from wobbly installations or secure them to avoid damage.

  • Watch out for eroded soil

The soil surrounding the fences may erode due to high-speed winds and make them weak at the base. Debris and vegetation can get stuck in the gaps and compound the problem further. Usually properties with concrete installations face this issue to the minimum. So make sure you spot all gaps to fix later.

In conclusion, you can use this handy guide to check damages on DIY mode. But if you are looking to not spend that much time on things, then you need to get in touch with Flower Mound Fence Contractors. They will inspect your property within reasonable time and also give you an estimate for repair at an affordable price too. Call Flower Mound Roofing Pro Company today.

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